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car audio systems
car audio systems
car audio systems
car audio systems

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Orella Acoustics car audio systems are designed to be a direct fit or a direct replacement of your vehicle’s current audio components. No need to cut and splice wires or make unnecessary changes to the interior aesthetic of your ride. It’s simple, this highly tuned piece of driving excellence you have invested in will remain intact, with a more magnificent sound to accompany your next journey.

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why Orella?

Orella is a female name of Latin origin meaning “announcement from the gods, oracle.” The philosophy inspires Orella Acoustics; great car audio systems can be built and engineered to fit into a vehicle without compromising the look and feel of the car’s design. The best car deserves the very best sound, which results in the completion of excellence.

About Team Orella

At the core, Orella is dedicated to the collective vision of those who appreciate ownership of a luxurious, high-quality vehicle that does more than transport from one place to another. Applying our extensive expertise honed through decades-long tenures in the HiFi audio industry, our team has combined experience and engineering that negates the need for a complex installation process. We provide confidence and a “certainty” to our customers by delivering a sound experience like no other. Innovative, stylish, and transformative. Orella Acoustics Divine Sound, Defined.

The Pneuma (Greek for spirit, soul, and mind) behind Orella comes from three friends of over 20 years. All bring a depth of experience and passion as balanced as the audio systems they offer.